Published April 30 2017

All-new 2018 Honda Clarity sees the day in New York

All-new 2018 Honda Clarity sees the day in New York

Japanese carmaker Honda wants to do its part to advance the development of more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Already a green technology leader, Honda introduced a brand new car at the last International Auto Show in New York a few weeks ago that will be particularly interesting for consumers who want to reduce their fuel consumption.

Introducing the new Honda Clarity, a unique model in many different ways.

Three electric models in the Honda Clarity range

The Honda Clarity will come in three versions when it enters North America later this year. First there will be a 100% electric model with an impressive range, then there will also be a model whose electric motor is hydrogen-powered.

That said, these two models will not come to Canada at this time. Instead, Canadian consumers will get the model that is best suited to the needs of most consumers, the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

Powered by a 181-horsepower electric motor that also features 232 pound-feet of torque that sources its energy from a 17 kWh battery, the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid can also be backed by a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle gasoline engine. This motor will mainly be used to power the battery when it has lost its charge, but it can also power the front wheels in certain situations. When the battery is charged, it gives the Honda Clarity the ability to travel about 68 kilometers in 100% electric mode.

In other words, the majority of owners will be able to travel daily without consuming a single drop of fuel. On the other hand, the fuel-powered engine will allow Honda Clarity owners to travel up to 580 kilometers. If we have to go further, we fill it up at a gas station, and off we go!

The Honda Clarity will therefore offer the best of both worlds. We can complete most of our trips without fuel and the average fuel consumption rating of the Clarity is only 2.24 liters per 100 kilometers, but in return we are not restricted as with a vehicle that is 100% electric.

The Honda Clarity arrives later this year

The Honda Clarity will go on sale a little later this year. The price has not yet been revealed, but it should not be too long.

“The Honda Clarity is aimed at accelerating the deployment of advanced electrified powertrain technology and bringing electrified vehicles further into the mainstream,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honda Canada. “The Plug-In Hybrid coming to Canada later this year represents a no compromise alternative fuel vehicle that meet the needs our Canadian customers today while building the foundation of an electrified future.”

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